Programs of Study
The Milwaukee Institute of Christian Studies

MICS is dedicated to providing a complete curriculum of courses in Christian faith and life for Milwaukee area Christians. Currently, a 10 course core curriculum is offered, as well as additional courses for evangelism and Christian leadership that lead to certification as an evangelist or deacon/deaconess.

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Core Curriculum

The ten core courses are: Old Testament Overview, Life of Christ, New Testament Overview, Small Catechism, Life of Luther, Law and Gospel, Church and Ministry, The Christian Family, Christian Leadership, and Biblical Worship.

Evangelist Certificate Program

To earn the evangelist certificate, the student must complete the core courses plus the following specialized courses: Evangelism 1, 2 and 3, Teaching a Bible Class 1 and 2, Christian Doctrine, and Other Churches and Religions, Bible Interpretation, Communicating Across Cultures, and WELS History and Structure. Men who have completed the WELS Congregational Evangelist Program are eligible to apply to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for enrollment in pre-seminary studies.

Deacon/Deaconess Certificate Program

To earn the Deacon/Deaconess certificate, the student must complete the core courses plus the following specialized courses: Evangelism 1, Personal Bible Study Methods, Visitation Ministry, Christian Prayer, Teaching a Bible Class 1 and 2, Addictions and Ministry, and Communicating across Cultures.

Interim Certificates

The following interim certificates will also be awarded:

  • A Leadership Intern Certificate awarded after completion of 4 core courses and 2 specialized courses.

  • A Leadership Associate Certificate awarded after completion of 3 additional core courses and 3 specialized courses.

Other Certificate Programs

Other certificate programs will be added as requested by participating congregations. Please contact the director to recommend new offerings.


Enroll in one of the following ways:

  • Contact the MICS office c/o WELS Kingdom Workers at 414.771-6848.

  • Send an e-mail providing all relevant information to Adult Discipleship (


Course payments should be made upon arrival on the first class day. Make checks payable to: MICS.

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum

101 Life of Christ
Study of the person, life and meaning of Jesus Christ for mankind using a harmony of the four Gospel accounts.

TEXT: The Life of Christ, W. Kessel
102 New Testament
Overview of the early history of the Christian Church as described in the New Testament, concentrating on the Apostles, the letters written by Paul, Peter, John, and others, and the book of Revelation.

TEXT: The Living Church: The New Testament, W. Kessel
103 Old Testament
Introductory course ranging from creation to the end of the Old Testament. Emphasizes the promises of God, faith in those promises, and their ultimate fulfillment in the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

TEXT: God and His People, B. Keller/ K. Wessel
104 Small Catechism
Examination of Luther's famous writing that summarizes and explains the 10 Commandments, the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper.

TEXT: Luther's Small Catechism, and Small Catechism Study Questions, D. Kuske
105 Law and Gospel
Concentration on the purpose, meaning, and use of the two great doctrines of Scripture -- the Law and the Gospel. Emphasis given to identifying and properly applying both Law and Gospel.

TEXT: Law and Gospel, P. Prange
106 Life of Luther
Life, times, writings, and impact of the great Reformer, Martin Luther. Emphasis given to his understanding of salvation by grace alone, by faith alone, and by scripture alone.

TEXT: The Monk Who Conquered Rome, J. Moldenhauer
107 Church & Ministry
Study of what the church is and how it accomplishes its work through the public and private ministry of its members.

TEXT: Church and Ministry, K. Wessel and Church-Mission-Ministry, A. Schuetze
108 Christian Family
Examination of the Biblical teachings concerning marriage, roles of husbands and wives, roles of parents and children. Discussion of social problems threatening the Christian family.

TEXT: The Christian Family, L. Olsen
109 Christian Leadership
The biblical teaching about leadership and its applications to the lives of leaders today using the letters to Titus and case studies of Steven, Peter, and Paul.

TEXT: Christian Leadership, P. Prange
110 Biblical Worship
Biblical principles of Christian worship. Discussions of how to apply the principles to one's own cultural situation.

TEXT: Introduction to Biblical Worship, G. Thompson

Evangelist Certificate Program

201 Evangelism 1
Theology and practice of Christian evangelism. Includes training in sharing the Law and Gospel of salvation.

TEXT: God's Great Exchange
202 Evangelism 2
Continuation of evangelism principals--diagnosing the spiritual status of prospects, removing obstacles, and meeting objections.
203 Evangelism 3
Continuation of evangelism. Follow-up calls and getting converts into the congregation.
204 Teaching a Bible Class 1
Covers educational principals in 3 broad areas: setting a curriculum, teaching methodologies, and evaluation methods.

TEXT: Teaching a Bible Class, Glen L. Thompson and David Kuske
205 Teaching a Bible Class 2
Students practice the principles of teaching by observing a Bible class, assisting in teaching a class, and teaching a class under supervision.
206 Christian Doctrine
An in-depth topical presentation of Bible teachings concentrating on teachings not covered in the core courses.
207 Other Churches and Religions
Comparison of our church and others. Study may include examination of traditional religions, non-Lutheran Christian churches, non-Christian churches, and cults.
208 Communicating Christ Across Cultures
The important role that culture has for humans, how to learn about other cultures using ethnographic interviewing, and how to communicate the Gospel to people of other cultures.

TEXT: Change: Mission and Ministry Across Cultures, E. A. Sorum.
209 Bible Interpretation
Interpreting the Bible properly. Common errors of interpretation as well as rules for proper interpretation will be discussed.

TEXT: Biblical Interpretation, David Kuske.
210 WELS History and Structure
An overview of the history of the WELS and how it is structured to carry out God's work. Includes visits to the synod administration building and seminary. This course will be conducted by the WELS Congregational Evangelist Program.

[ Courses 208, 209, and 210 are conducted regularly in New Ulm, MN as a combined summer course by the WELS Congregational Evangelist Program.]

Deacon/Deaconess Certificate Program

201 Evangelism 1
See description above.
204 Teaching a Bible Class 1
See description above.
205 Teaching a Bible Class 2
See description above.
208 Communicating Christ Across CulturesSee description above.
251 Personal Bible Study Methods
Various techniques and tools for maximizing a Christian's personal growth by the study of Scripture.
252 Visitation Ministry
The purpose and methods of Christian visitation to the sick, those fallen away, those living in sin, and others.
253 Christian Prayer
What the Bible teaches about prayer, types of prayers, and the proper place of prayer in personal and congregational life.
254 Addictions and Ministry
The psychological, physiological, and theological bases for addictive behavior of all kinds, and how to apply Law and Gospel properly in ministering to addicts and their families.