Milwaukee Institute of Christian Studies

" prepare God's people for works of service"
Ephesians 4:12

Mission Statement

The Institute's mission is to offer a range of biblical and practical courses to equip men and women for service and leadership in their congregations.


MICS has been established to supplement the teaching offered in local congregations. It wishes to assist in the raising up of qualified and confident leaders to serve in Christ's Kingdom. The programs are not certified by other outside agencies (but see Evangelist Certificate Program below for an important exception).


Most Saturday classes are held either at St. Marcus House (101 E. North Ave.) or at the WELS Kingdom Workers office (2323 N. Mayfair Rd, Suite 400). Evening classes are offered at a variety of locations in the metro area. For current classes and sites see the schedule of classes or call the MICS office c/o WELS Kingdom Workers, 414.771-6848.

Teaching Staff / Supervisory Board

The teaching staff is made up of WELS pastors, teachers, and other qualified WELS members. The Supervisory Board has been appointed by the WELS Milwaukee Urban Pastors Conference to oversee the program. Rev. Peter Kassulke (St. James) serves as chairman, and Prof. Glen Thompson (St. Philips) and Rev. David Kehl (Atonement) serve as co-directors.


Enrolling for credit in a course automatically enrolls a student in one of the certificate programs (see page 3). Auditors will be accepted as space permits.

MICS Consortium

The following WELS congregations are supporting members of the MICS consortium: Atonement, Christ, Fairview, Garden Homes, Mt. Lebanon, Redemption, St. James, St. Marcus, St. Peters, St. Philips, Salem (Eastside), Siloah, and Zebaoth.


Course fees are $20 plus the costs of books and materials. A 50% tuition discount applies to students who are active members of congregations in the MICS consortium (see above). Students who would like to take courses but are financially unable should contact their pastor for scholarship information. Payments should be made at the beginning of each Saturday class or the first evening of week night classes.


Materials are available for purchase at MICS at the start of each course. The cost of materials is separate from the cost of each class. Some courses have no required materials.